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Kujawy and Pomerania In-Service Teacher Education Centre in Bydgoszcz is a public, accredited in-service teacher development institution.


1. Organisation and implementation of in-service teacher development in the following areas resulting from Poland’s educational policy:
fulfilment of requirements set for schools and other educational institutions, which are evaluated by educational authorities, in accordance with the appropriate supervisory regulations

  • implementation of the core curriculum, including syllabus design for particular school subjects
  • diagnosis of learners’ needs and individualisation of the learning process
  • analysis of results of external assessment and evaluation processes
  • needs diagnosed on the basis of the conclusions of school supervision and external examination results in vocational education.

2. Organisation and implementation of in-service development for school principals in the area of educational management.
3. Other tasks within in-service teacher development, in particular:

  • organisation of qualification courses
  • work in EU projects
  • o editing and publishing a professional development magazine.

4. Cooperation with local government institutions in order to support schools and other educational institutions.
5. Cooperation with universities, institutions and non-governmental organisations.
6. Cooperation with national institutions in order to implement educational projects.
7. Managing the regional educational information system, including gathering and sharing information about forms of in-service teacher development.
8. Organising and supporting e-education in in-service teacher development.

Mission Statement

We support teachers and educational managers in their professional development in order to improve the quality of work of kindergartens, schools and institutions.

Vision Statements

We respond to our clients’ expectations and initiate interesting forms of development for the entire educational community.

We organize and implement support processes for schools and educational institutions.

We use innovative training techniques.

We provide inspiration for creative action and self-improvement.

We disseminate examples of good practice.

We cooperate with universities, institutions and non-governmental organisations in order to improve the quality of education and make the educational offer more attractive.

Our teaching consultants are competent, continuously developing and responsible for the quality of education.

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